Rejniak Research Lab

Katarzyna (Kasia) Rejniak
Associate Member
Integrated Mathematical Oncology
Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 Magnolia Drive, Room SRB-4
Tampa, Fl 33612-9416

P: (813) 745-6918

Discipline: mathematical oncology and computational modeling of cancer micro-pharmacology.

Specializations: bio-mathematics, bio-fluids, bio-mechanics.

Research Interests (M-10):

  • microenvironment
  • mechano-transduction
  • morphology
  • migration & growth
  • metastasis
  • metabolism
  • microfluids
  • machine learning
  • multi-scale models
  • multi-disciplinary research

Computational Micro-Pharmacology Research Lab (CoMPhy Lab)

Our research focuses on mathematical modeling and computational simulations of tumor initiation, progression and treatment. Computational simulations give the unique opportunity for testing various scenarios of tumor emergence and growth, as well as different protocols of chemo-, radio-, immuno-, hormone- and combined therapies. In particular, we are interested in investigating the bio-mechanics of normal vs. tumor-like tissue morphogenesis, micro-fluids in drug delivery and bio-physics of tumor microenvironment using the IBCell model (immersed boundary model of a cell), the microPKPD (regularized Stokeslets method of micro-pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics), or the multiscale MultiCell-LF (multi-cell lattice-free), silicoDCIS, and Organoid3D models.

~~Multiple Research Positions Available~~

More information can be found here

We are/were funded by:
NIH/NCI R01 grant with Damaghi lab
DoD Team Award grant with Pilon-Thomas and Poch lab
NIH/NCI R01 grant with Pilon-Thomas lab
NIH/NCI Physical Science-Oncology Projects (Vanderbilt-Moffitt U01)
Moffitt Team Science Award
Moffitt CIIRC Award
Bankhead Coley Bridge Award
NIH/NCI Integrative Cancer Biology Program (Vanderbilt-Moffitt ICBP)
NIH/NCI Physical Science-Oncology Center Program (Moffitt PSOC)
Miles for Moffitt Milestones Research Award
American Cancer Society-Institutional Research Grant