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Shreya Mathur

Research Associate



Research Projects:


"Mathematical Modeling of Acidic Landscape in DCIS"

topic: develop mathematical models for simulating dynamically changing tumor acidity and oxygenation

Cancer Biology & Evolution Annual Symposium, October 14th, 2019, presented poster "Medical imaging-based in silico reconstruction of tumor microenvironment" in collaboration with Natarajan Raghunand (Cancer Physiology) and Marilyn Bui (Microscopy).


"Enhancing the Effectiveness of Hypoxia-Activated Pro-Drugs by Using Vasodilators"

topic: use methematical modeling to design most effective treatment protocols for combination of hypoxia-activated pro-drug and a vasodilator in pancreatic tumors

High-School Internship Program @IMO (HIP-IMO) final presentations, Moffitt July 27th 2018. Shreya Mathur and Shannon Chen presented: "Optimal schedules of combination therapies with hypoxia-activated pro-drug, the sensitizer and vasodilator in pancreatic cancer".